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The Heart of the Cards PWN You

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Mar. 15th, 2009 | 06:35 pm
posted by: senn_chan in claimsfromygo

Hi, I'm new 8D
And as you can tell from my list, greedy and obsessive xD
Hope this is all right. I tried to see if there was a limit anywhere and could not find (or maybe my greed made it invisible to me? xD)
Anyway, if this isn't okay, just let me know. And sorry if I overlooked things. Thank you for the mod's hard work and take care.


Bakura Ryou (noticed one of the members has been deleted)
Yami no Bakura
Touzokuou Bakura
White Wizard Bakura Ryou
Season Zero Yami no Bakura
Season Zero Bakura Ryou
Chibi Kisara
Atemu's Mummified Father
Siegfried von Schroider

Sennen Ring
Sennen Scales
Atemu's Cartouche
Yami no Bakura's Awesome Trench Coat
Bakura Ryou's Striped Shirt
The Knife Yami no Bakura Cut Himself With
Touzokuou Bakura's Headdress
Yami no Marik's Cape
Siegfried von Schroider's Awesome but Tacky Suit
Siegfried von Schroider's Shoes
Bakura Ryou's School Uniform (jacket closed)
Yami no Bakura's School Uniform (jacket open)
Mahado's Stone Tablet

Episode 200

Body Parts
Touzokuou Bakura's Chest
Bakura Ryou's Brown Eyes
Bakura Ryou's Hair
Yami no Bakura's Hands
Siegfried von Schroider's Hair
Siegfried von Schroider's Eyes

Yami no Yuugi's Season Zero Voice
Bakura Ryou's voice - Japanese and English
Yami no Bakura's voice - Japanese and English
Touzokuou Bakura's voice - Japanese and English

Duel Monsters
Dark Necrofear
Curse of Anubis
The Portrait's Secret
High Priestess
Hai Purīsutesu
Lady of Faith
Boo Koo
Judgement of Anubis
The End of Anubis
Destiny Board

The Village of Kul Elna
Bakura Ryou's Apartment
Battle City
Domino High School
Schroider Corp.
Kaiba Seto's Office
Akhenamkhanen's Tomb
The Museum
Memory World

All volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh!
All volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist
All volumes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Millenium World

Video Games
Dawn of Destiny

Yami no Bakura's Sneer
Yami no Bakura's Smug Expression
Yami no Bakura's Laugh
Touzokou Bakura's Desire for Revenge
Siegfried von Schroider's Mocking Laugh
Siegfried von Schroider's Hair Flipping
Touzokuo Bakura's 1337 Thief Skillz
Bakura Ryou's Smile
Bakura Ryou's Sweetness
Bakura Ryou's Loneliness
Bakura Ryou's Fears

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