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From Kokoro no Naka

Hello and welcome to claimsfromygo. I am your heavenly God sent ruler mod, Vanilla. Here you can claim things from the Japanese manga/anime series Yu-Gi-Oh. Ever wanted to own Bakura? Yami's left nipple? Seto's brief case? Or Marik's evil laugh? Well, now you can. :)

Basically this is a community where you can claim anything you can imagine from Yu-Gi-Oh. You can have characters, characters body parts, random things you made up, inanimate objects, people's hair, couples, episodes, voices, songs, and anything else you can think of. 8D The only real requirements are that they MUST be from Yu-Gi-Oh (duh.) and you MUST follow the rules, first. ^^ That's pretty easy, huh?

There was actually a community exactly like this before and uh...I owned that one too. XD; yuugis_angel the very first YGO claiming community. But then the community became inactive and even when people did post, they got ignored because I became a very lazy mod. ;-; I even changed my e-mail address, LJ username, and left the community completely. How sad. When I made the community, though, I was a silly little n00b so the rules, layout, userpic, username...everything...don't make sense to me. I decided to re-open the community under a fresh and clean username and just start over!! =D!!

I also found that there were two other claiming communities that were created recently. _ygo_claimers_a and ygo_claims but my rules and idea is different from theirs so uh...yeah. ^_^

-All claims MUST be linked to Yu-Gi-Oh. I cannot stress this enough. I will seriously flip if someone goes "LOL I WNT 2 CLAIM SASUKE FR0M NARUTOE!11!" >_>
-You MUST be a member to claim anything. Just hit the join button~! It's not that hard. You can't post anything to this community without joining, anyway, so this rule shouldn't be too much of a problem.
-No claiming in comments. Just make a post. If you don't know how to do this, read the FAQs. You may however make a claim in a comment if it's to your own entry and you either a.)forgot to put that, or b.)I told you that your claim was already taken and you need to edit it or pick something else.
-Only three people per character/thing. I'm being nice and letting more than one person claim something so you be nice and follow this rule.
-You are allowed to claim as much as you want. There is no limit on how many things a person can claim. :D However, this rule is subjected to be changed if people's claim numbers start getting ridiculous.
-When posting, put "THE HEART OF THE CARDS PWN YOU" in the subject line so I know you read the rules.
-Be respectful.
-Be open minded. If someone claims someone/something you don't like, DO NOT comment with "U SICKO!!1!" Doing things like that will result in you being BANNED.
-If your claim is extremely unusual/amusing (i.e: in my last community I claimed the doujinshi "Kaiba Potter" because it was Seto as uh...Harry Potter and that's awesome. o_o) please post an image (if you have one) to the community!! ^_^ I'm always up for going "o_o" or a good laugh, so go ahead!!
-All images must be placed under an LJ-cut. If you don't know how to do this, please check the FAQs.
-If your image for whatever reason would not be appropriate for young children and/or work safe, please post a warning before your LJ-cut. If you wanna claim Yuugi's balls, and then post a picture to prove that they are the size of your thumb, that's fine with me *weird* but I don't know if everyone wants to see that. o_o;
-I will allow advertising your own community, and off-topic posts here. This rule is also subjected to change if there are more off-topic posts than there are claims.
-Please be nice to the mod, and all members. I will not tolerate any bashing and/or flaming other community members here. If you really want to bitch about something; do it in your own journal. If you have any serious complaints (not "OHEMGEE U SUCK MONKEY BALLZ, VANELLAH!!") please feel free to e-mail me. :)
-Check the claim list before claiming something.
-After you have claimed something you MUST put what it was with a link back to this community in your userinfo. If this is going to be a problem for you for whatever reason, I suggest you don't join. If I see that you have taken it off, I will not ban you but I will take you off the claim list until you fix that. If you want to be taken off the claim list please let me know in an entry here and I'll do it for you. :D
-You MAY NOT claim anything from the anime Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters GX!! GX is sexy and all, but this is a community for the manga/anime series Yu-Gi-Oh and Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters ONLY!!

-Join the community.
-Read the rules. ^_^
-Check the claim list and see if want you want is full. If it's not listed there at all, then nobody claimed it. Remember that 3 people can claim each person/thing/whatever so if you see 3 usernames after something then obviously that means it's full. :|
-If what you want is full, try being creative and claim a different version of that character/thing. ^_^!! I.e: All claims for the Sennen Rod could be closed but you could try "shiny Sennen Rod" or "Seth's Sennen Rod" or something. 8D Same thing goes for characters. If Yuugi's taken you could try "happy Yuugi" or something...yeah, you get the idea. XD; Basically there should be no excuse of "OMG THERE'S NOTHING LEFT TO CLAIM!!" because there's really an unlimited amount of stuff. o_o;
-A basic claim post should be something like "I would like to claim ___ and ____" not "ZOMG SET0 KAIBA IZ S0 SEXYYY!1!!1! HE'S MINE LOLZ!!" >> That will annoy me. XD
-Please use proper English. I understand we're lazy out there but typing "LYKE DIS" or "L1K3 TH15" is just unacceptable. A pet peeve of mine is bad English so let's try and read over our posts so the mod doesn't flip out in her bedroom, okay? ^^;
-I said this in the rules, but I'll say it again here. Please put "THE HEART OF THE CARDS PWN YOU" in the subject line so I know you read the rules. Any entry that does not have that will not be deleted or result in you being banned, but they will simply be ignored.
-Any characters that have Egyptian counter parts will be considered two separate people. I.e: Yami and Atemu will be different and Seth and Seto will be different. This also goes for Isis and Egyptian!Isis even though they're practically the same.
-Yami and Hikaris will also be considered two separate people. Anyone who goes "BUT RYOU AND BAKOORA R TEH SAME!!" will honestly be laughed at.
-When a claim has been approved you must put what it was and a link back to this community on your userinfo. I will check so DO NOT test me!! If you take it off without letting me know I will have you removed from the claim list. An example of how to put it in your userinfo would be:
"I claimed Haga @ claimsfromygo"
Of course, it doesn't need to be in that format as long as it's there. ^^ I don't really care HOW you write it.
-After you make a post with a request to claim something, I will comment to your entry letting you know if it's been approved and that you have been added to the claim list. I will then wait 10 days for you to post the necessary things on your userinfo. If after 10 days there is nothing there, I will remove you from the list. If there was a problem and you COULDN'T have it up on your userinfo within the 10 day limit, let me know and I'll re-put you on the list. I'm actually a very nice person. XD; Do not think that I will not check your userinfo, though, because I'm telling you I WILL. ^_^
-Be patient when waiting for me to approve your claim. I don't have much of a real life, but I might be doing something other than this one day and I don't want people rushing me. -.-'
-If you want to be removed from the list for whatever reason, please either post to the community or let me know in e-mail. Do me a favor and let me know what it was that you claimed (and your username if you do this through e-mail) so I'm not searching for hours and hours. x_x
-Like Yu-Gi-Oh. Don't join just to bash it. You will be banned if you do, and that's pointless ne?

Please check this before requesting to claim anything. And yes, the mod is allowed to claim things and all rules apply. Don't get angry, I have supreme power over all. D:
Body Parts
Duel Monsters
Video Games
Does what you want to claim not fit under any of these topics? Don't worry!! Just request it, and I'll even make a new topic to fit it under. ^.~


Maintainer: x_candii_kiss_x
Any questions, problems, opinions, complaints, or compliments? Feel free to e-mail them to orgasmic_yuugi_xo@yahoo.com!! Just please put "Yu-Gi-Oh Claims" in the subject so I don't mistake it as spam. :)